• Dawn McCall

Latest Photos: Insect Portraiture

This is a photo of a nocturnal orange-bodied species of wasps called Sickle Wasps. This one is in particular is one of the Short-tailed Ichneumon Wasps or Ophion Species. They fly nearly all year apart from in June - July. These wasps are attracted to lights and are often found in moth traps like this one was. With no moths present in gave me a opportunity to try something a little different- Insect Portraits.

Pictue 1_ Cherry Coloured Background

These photos were created by placing the wasp on some coloured glass which adds a interesting/ arty reflection. I used a 100mm Macro lens with a bit of flash to capture the detail. I then tried out a black and white version (Top). Which one do you like best? - colour or black and white?

Picture 2_ Colour with darker background

After these photos he was safely let outside.

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