About the Artist

Wildlife artist and photographer  Dawn McCall has been photographing, drawing and painting wildlife and nature from a young age. Every outing with my parents was an adventure and a chance to be with nature and every holiday I would bring my sketchbook with me to record things I saw, be it a fish on a pub wall, different plants and animals I saw to landscapes.

At school I was well known for my talent of drawing. During break times I used to draw little pictures for other pupils in the playground. In 2002 I won the regional  winner for "The Rainforest Orchestra" art competition for my school, which I was the first pupil from my school to win this competition. I received my first digital camera as one of my prizes which was my first step into photography.

When I was 18 I went to art college in Lincoln. At college we studied  a wide range of techniques, mediums and subjects. All I wanted to do was animals and birds but of course I had to do what was on the syllabus.

After college I continued my art in my spare time and painted weekly at an art group in Nettleham. We had many art exhibitions where I sold some of my work.


While I was at college we also did photography which I now use to capture my wild subjects for reference before painting.


I recently had one of my paintings in Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln and continue to improve and hopefully have my own art exhibition one day.      

"Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better"

Albert Einstein