Linwood Warren Commission_ Complete Grey.jpg

Birchwood at Linwood warren

A sunny day in September at Linwood Warren,

painted in acrylic paint.

Bluebell Wood

A sunny spring day in a bluebell woodland, painted in acrylic paint.

Brawshaw Wood with Frame.jpg

Brawshaw Wood

Sunshine and shadows in Bramshaw Wood, New Forest painted in acrylic paint.


Clumber Park at Autumn

Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire at autumn, painted in acrylic paint.


"The  best classroom and the  richest cupboard is roofed only by  sky"

Margart McMillan 1925

Good Morning

Painting in acrylic paint of a beautiful sunny morning in a woodland.

Painted from photograph by David Tarn

Painted in acrylic paint the picturesque Tarn Hows in the Lake District.

Tarn Hows