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Nature Book is an ongoing project of mine to write, photograph and draw as much as I can on things to do with nature to help me understand the natral world better

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Lowland mixed oak & ash woodland is a mixed broadleaved woodland on relatively rich soils, usually with a history of coppicing management 

Lowland Heath is an open habitat which is characterized by low shrubby vegetation of heather, gorse and scattered pine or birch trees. In depressions around pools or where the drainage is obstruted lowland dry heath gives way to lowland wet heath which is characterized  by cross-leaved heath which comes into flower earlier than other heathers.

Lowland Calcareous Grassland is a species rich grassland which is on limestone and chalk mainly in the southern lowlands.

Britain contains a great diversity of wildlife habitats within it's small area, ranging from fragrant bluebells woods to upland heathland to coastal seabird islands to the tops of the highest mountains. Many have been influenced by human activity but this has created unique habitats in itself, like hedgerows, sheep grazed chalk downlands, cattle grazed heathland and even the biggest cities have pockets of wilderness hidden within them.

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