• Dawn McCall

A Walk in Roughton Moor Wood

On the 9th October 2021 me and my partner went on a walk through Roughton Moor Wood in Woodhall Spa to look for mushrooms. The lighting in the wood was amazing as it shone through the trees.

Above: Light shining through birch trees

Roughton Moor Wood is an old wood which was originally heathland. Small patches on heather are still found amongst the trees. This wood also has many fallen trees which are good for mosses and fungi. There is also a boggy area with a small ditch running through it. This is god for ferns.

Above: Light shining on a fallen pine with fern on

Above: Ferns along the ditch in the boggy area

The Mushrooms and fungi

This is some of the fungi we found on are walk

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