• Dawn McCall

Techniques from the Field: Bird Feeding Stations

Here is a photo I took earlier this week with a bit of Christmas flair added to it which was simple and quick to do. Your could do something like this from your garden, allotment or an area of woodland (with permission from the land owner of course).


Here is my feeding station which I've created in my allotment. Here I have a variety of food to attract a wider range of species that could visit my feeders. I have made a table next to the feeders which will act as my stage. On there I can put different branches and mossy bits of wood and stones which will look better than just taking pictures of birds on feeders. Importantly I have a good space behind the feeding station this will make good clean background for my pictures.

Above: Here are some of my first pictures I took of the local robin. I also have a number of different tits that are on the feeders which I am hoping to get photos of. As it can take time for the birds to get used to the feeders and you.

Above: Don't forget to look around as some birds may be in the nearby hedges or trees like this Sparrow

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