• Dawn McCall

Making a Splash- Liquid Product Photography

As the weather became grey, windy and wet I was forced to spend some time indoors. Instead of being disgruntled I decided to try something new and have a bit of fun with some Liquid Product Photography.

Theme 1 - The Dunk

This involves throwing a series of fruit into a fish tank and hoping you press the shutter at the right time. Ether making the splash or bubbling in the middle of the water.

Theme 2 - Gin & Limes

This involves dropping two ice cubes into a glass. One to make a bit of a splash while trying to capture the other at just at the right moment, just before it hits the glass.

Theme 3 - Oil on Water

This in made by filling a glass with water and placing it on a bright colored picture. Then dropping oil on the top of the water. I found out than using washing up liquid helps make the oil less flat by creating a bit of a shadow.

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