• Dawn McCall

Red Bubble Product Review #2

As a artist and photographer I enjoy seeing my work on various products. Red Bubble is a great way of doing this but what is the product quality my customers see? Answering this question I bought some more of my own products to review them.



1# Tote Bags - Link Here

Deluxe, double-sided tote bags with 100% polyester shell. These are in three different sizes small, medium and large (small and medium shown). These come with strong cotton straps.

Bags are good quality, strong and robust. The colours are printed exactly as original picture. Over all great bags.

2# Classic Mug - Link Here

Dish washer safe ceramic mug with Bee on Heather design.

Great Mug with good colour print. Looking on reviews on Red Bubble most people agreed and gave it five stars.

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