• Dawn McCall

Red Bubble Product Reviews

As a artist and photographer I enjoy seeing my work on various products. Red Bubble is a great way of doing this but what is the product quality my customers see? Answering this question I bought some of my own products to review them.



Non-medical polyester face mask with two layers. Print on front and white on the back with elastic straps to go over ears.

First impression is good, the print on the front is good quality. On handling the mask is a bit thin and flimsy. Sowing of the straps looks a little rushed. The fit of the mask is a snug fit around the mouth but could be better if it was shaped around the nose. Overall impression is a good quality mask but needs more thought around the edges.

Pin Badges

Round pin back buttons, choice of two sizes small and large

Prints look great and match the original well. Exactly as described, this is a well made pin badge.

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