• Dawn McCall

Photographing Brown Hares

Last week I went on a walk along the edge of the village I live, where there are some fields to look for some Brown Hares. Brown Hares live entirely in the open which is different to rabbits which live in burrows but share similar farmland habitats with them. Hares hide in forms which are shallow impressions in the ground and lay flat and still. Brown Hare are more easy to see earlier in the year when the fields are short.

Hares like most mammals are more active at dawn and dusk where they will feed on grasses, herbs and agricultural crops. In the breeding season they will arise from their form and box each other hence the expression "Mad as a March Hare". This boxing is mainly done by the females as they try to repel unwanted males.

Today the hares seemed very chilled and was more interested in eating the grass so I managed to sneak quite close before they noticed me.

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