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My Trip to RSPB Budby South Forest

RSPB Budby South Forest Trip

RSPB Budby South Forest is located in Nottinghamshire next to the legendary Sherwood Forest. It consists of birch and oak woodland but also has a wide area of heathland which I went to photograph.

It is said to get the best photos of landscapes it needs to be taken at the so called magic hour, meaning at sunrise or sunset when the sun is lowest in the sky. So going on this theory I got up at 4am, left the house at 5am to get to Budby for 6am, hoping for the right weather. I got there on time walked to the heath in the dark and looked for a good spot to set up, facing eastwards to where the sun would appear at 6.30am.

The sun was just coming up and the clouds was just turning slightly pink which then disappeared as rain clouds came in and chucked it down, not what I wanted.

I wasn't the only one getting wet, a herd of horned cattle was also caught out too - This one's looking over the heather at me.

The calm after the storm - So it wasn't the brilliant sunrise I wanted but that's the weather for you. Sometimes its what you want and sometimes its not but this is what happens when shooting outdoors and not even the weather man can get it right all the time.

So be adaptable and shoot what's there in front of you, it may turn out to be something good.

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