• Dawn McCall

My First DSLR Camera Trap

Grey Squirrel on Tree Branch

On the 17th April 2018 I set up my first DSLR camera trap hoping to catch a picture of the local grey squirrel or sparrow hawk that is often seen in this tree. I left it for five days and checked it this morning and I got this little fellow, so I have the squirrel lets see if the hawk shows up.

A close and detailed view of a Grey Squirrel

How I Set my DSLR Camera Trap Up

This was my camera trap set up, camera safe in modified pelican case as camera housing on a tripod. Camera is fitted with a Camtraptions wireless trigger to set of the flash. Flash has a Camtraption wireless trigger receiver and is attached to the branch by a 3K gorillapod and protected from weather by plastic bag. The camera is set off by a Camtraptions PIR motion sensor, which when subject pasts in front of it, triggers the camera to fire.

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