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A Morning at Kirkby Gravel Pits

View from hide

Was an early start today, got up a 6am to find Crested Grebes at Kirkby Gravel Pits, which I saw there last year. The weather was cloudy, foggy and a bit grey when I arrived, so probably not the best weather but not been out for a while so was looking forward to being out with nature again, even if the weather wasn't great. This grey start did make out for some good black and white photos, when the fog eventually lifted.

View from left side of hide

I sat in the hide hoping to see a grebe but I think the weather must have got to them as they didn't show. I may not have seen a grebe but I did see quite a lot of birds which I noted down in my new journal.

Coot in reeds next to hide

Journal Entry

Teal 13

Tufed duck 4

Swan 2

Shoveler Duck 5

Coots 6

Shelduck 2

Grey heron flying over 1

Canada Geese flying over 4

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