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Lincspirational Plants

Lincspirational Plants is a project made by Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust who have selected 30 inspirational plants. All these plants have a personal important to the person who collected them and is hoped tell a story of the local flora and its importance. Plants are really important. We eat them, build with them, wear clothes made from them and breathe the oxygen they create. Which is why they started this project. Read more on the project here

These are the 30 plants selected below:-


Celebrating Lincolnshire's wild plants

To celebrate the these plants the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust are holding an art competition which the 30 plants will be selected.

Here are my two entries below "English Oak" and "Peacock on Field Scabious"

Luckily my Peacock on Field Scabious was one of the 30 artworks selected to represent the Inspirational Plants from more than 130 entries. The winning artwork will be projected onto buildings at sites around Lincolnshire and made into postcards and sold to raise funds.

Above: The 30 winning artworks as postcards

In October 2021 they will be in an evening lights spectacle which all the submitted artworks will be projected onto large screens at venues across the county. This includes haikus written by children and music arranged specially to complement the artworks. All this will celebrate all that the Love Lincs Plants project has achieved. Also all original artwork submitted will appear in an online exhibition where all pieces will be auctioned to raise funds. All funds raised will go towards collecting more seeds and creating new wild flower meadows.

More information can be found on their website Here

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