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The Butterfly Hunt: In search for the Skippers

The Skippers are a small bunch, made up of eight different individuals in the UK. These individuals are often described as 'moth-like' because their small size, dull and are often overlooked but look closer and you will see their beauty.

If you have see the Skipper it would probably be a Small Skipper, Large Skipper or even a Essex Skipper these are the most common of the skipper family but what about the less common or rare skippers. These are the ones I went to find.


23rd May 2018

The Butterfly Hunt: In search for the Skippers

Above: Grizzled Skipper (Left) Dingy Skipper (Right)

The hunt starts in Colsterworth at Twyford Forest were I hope to see the Dingy and the Grizzled Skipper, two butterflies which are in decline. When I arrived at Twyford Forest the weather was not as forecast, dull, windy and a bit chilly which is not good for butterfly hunting. While waiting for the sun to appear and the butterflies to show me and my travel buddy went to see what else we could find.

At this time of year the wood holds a lot of new life, this goes especially for caterpillars, which there was loads. So while waiting for butterflies we did a butterfly turned caterpillar hunt and found eleven different species of moth caterpillar (Which will be it a different blog). After some lunch the sun came out and so did the butterflies. First a Dingy Skipper

then a few Grizzled Skippers with the pretty white dots, then something totally unexpected three Green Hairsteak and some other butterflies including Common Blue and Small Heath. So one successful Hunt.

Green Hairsteak Butterfly

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