• Dawn McCall

A Year of a Nature Journal

I've been keeping a nature journal for two years now and in just them two years I've learnt a lot about the natural world just by nature journalling. In this main image I was identifying different types of orchids on the island of Mull. I was astonished to find so many and ended up in finding eight different species in just a week.

Back in January this year (2017) I was mainly counting birds in my garden and was amazed to see a gold finch on a teasel which a planted earlier the following year to encourage gold finches in the garden, and it worked so this went in the journal. This continued throughout 2017, counting, writing, drawing and taking pictures to record the most interesting parts of this year so ended up with a record of this year to look back on. Here are some of the pages of my journal to show you so you can see some of the things I've done.

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