• Dawn McCall

Hares of the Peak District


On the 10th February 2019 me and my partner went to Bleaklow which is in the Dark Peaks area in the Peak District National Park. We went here to search for the elusive mountain hare. This hare is a cousin of the more familiar brown hare but unlike the brown hare is the only native hare and is usually found in Scotland. The Mountain Hare is smaller than its cousin and can withstand colder climates and higher altitudes. In winter the Mountain hare's coat turns white to blend in to the snow but at the end of winter when the snow melts the white hares stands out against the dark moorland.

When the snow melts the white hares stands out against the dark moorland


The Story

Last year went on a mountain hare search in January but due to the beast from the east the weather was to bad to find them so ended up calling it off. This year tried again and brought my partner with me. The weather was foggy, windy, cold and unpredictable but was an improvement on last year. As we walked down the pennies way towards Bleaklow Head the fog went in and out. We saw skylark, a flock of about seven Golden Plover, Red Grouse making their witch cackling calls and right at the end a Mountain Hare stood out against the dark moorland.

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