• Dawn McCall

A Closer Look at Leaf-cutter Bees

Video showing a patch-work leaf-cutter bee busy pollinating flowers

Patch-work Leaf-cutter Bee busy in my Garden.

Patch-work Leaf-cutter Bee

One sunny July evening I was sat out in the garden went I saw this little chap working busily flying to and fro pollinating Coreopsis Grandiflora (which is the yellow flower pictured). He seemed to like this one very much.

Patch-work Leaf-cutter bee showing hair colour under abdomen

More about leaf-cutter bees...

This image on the left shows the hairs under the bees abdomen which it uses to collect pollen. Unlike most bees which use the hairs on thier legs to collect pollen, leaf-cutter bees use this instead. The hair can be different colours depending on what species of leaf-cutter bee.


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