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The Bluebell Hunt

I've always loved bluebells, there a light in the the darkness, a sign that spring is on it's way and promise of the sun again atfer the cold dull winter has past. So it must be a photograpers dream to capture these beautiful flowers in rays of dazzling light flooding from the forest canopy. This is not so as I was about to find out.

If I was going to take photos of these flowers first I was going to have to find them. This proved the hardest part. I went on the web looking for places where there are masses of bluesbells and the results showed that all the best places were all down south, which was good for the people who lived there but not for me who lives in Lincolnshire. I thought to myself they must be some closer than going south. Lincolnshire must have some bluebells somewere. First I found a place called Rigsby Wood back in 2013 whiched sounded promising, not just for bluebells but I also found out that Rigsby had early purple orchids too which flowered at the same time.


Rigsby Wood 2013

I went to Rigsby Wood and yes they had some bluebells there but I wanted more, I wanted that endless carpet of them that everyone else seems to get not just an odd few. So back to the hunt then.


I found out about a place called Dole Wood which I was told had carpets of bluebells, which was about an hours drive to Borne sounded good the only thing was it was now July so they would have finished by now so I would have to try next year.

Dole Wood


It is now June 2014 and with all the palaver of moving house and work I'm sad to say I missed the bluebell hunt this year, Guess I'll have to wait another year.


It is now April 2015 and during the wait I found out that there's a wood in Potterhanworth called Neville Wood which infact is right on my doorstep that has that carpet of blue I so badly wanted to see, so I went to have a look and this is what I found...

Neville Wood April 2015 - Carpet of Blue

Amazing two years later and I've found them, right on my doorstep aswell, I knew it, good old Lincolnshire :)

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